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At the Academy of Diagnostic and Osteopathic Medicine (ADOM), we are dedicated to advancing ultrasound education and reducing radiation exposure in medical diagnostics. Our unique program, Diagnostic Medical Sonography and Vascular Technology with Diagnostology, prepares students to become Diagnostic Medical Sonographers & Vascular Technologists while pioneering diagnostology - the art and science of diagnosis.


ADOM offers state-of-the-art training facilities, including hands-on labs and advanced e-learning platforms, ensuring that each student receives a very comprehensive and engaging educational experience. We equip our students with the skills necessary to excel in the field, with a goal to improve patient outcomes through precise and safe diagnostic practices.


Prospective students should know that our programs require a high school diploma or equivalent, and we encourage early application as our classes fill up quickly due to limited sizes.

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Karen Nussbaumer is the founder of the Academy of Diagnostic and Osteopathic Medicine (ADOM), dedicated to advancing diagnostic and osteopathic medical education.


She is also a Harvard Medical School alumna, having completed the prestigious Global Healthcare Leaders Program, an honor shared by only 150 individuals worldwide.


With a background in vascular technology and diagnostic medical sonography, she has made significant contributions to medical research and education, developing innovative ultrasound training methods. Nussbaumer’s work has earned her numerous accolades and recognition in the healthcare industry.

"Doctors tend to treat what they can see. My job is to help them see better."

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