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Updated: Jun 7, 2022

The artistry of ADOM osteopathy is teaching people how to heal the body using the body.

The body heals, even without us trying. When we get a cut, the body works to heal it. We don't have to tell it to do that. We don't have to take a pill for that to work.

Our body is designed to heal.

There are mechanisms in our bodies that react to sight, sound, smell, taste, touch and, even more powerfully, thought. When we think about shooting a ball in a hoop before we shoot it, our brain prepares our body and practices without the ball, with only the mind. When we think about biting into a lemon, our salivary glands actually react as if we bit a lemon, even without a lemon. Our body remembers what the lemon tastes like and how it feels.

Our body reacts to our memories.

Our thoughts control our body in that way. I believe if we are grateful, and we reflect and remember what we are grateful for, our body heals. Alternatively, if we are traumatized and we reflect and remember our trauma, our bodies struggle to heal.

In today's world, we can choose to expose ourselves to toxins and harm, or we can choose to protect our body, mind and spirit from toxicity. Because our reactive bodies are products of the big bang - a cataclysmic creation of worlds, we are creatures designed to think and to feel and to react to the stimuli around us. When we can choose what stimulates us - where we want to be, who we want to be with and what we want to do - we become healers.

ADOM osteopathic practitioners are healers.

The beauty of ADOM osteopathy is that we believe healing exists within us. We understand that inside of all of us are these microscopic worlds designed to keep us alive and keep us safe. ADOM osteopathic practitioners believe we can emphasize our natural healing through complimentary, safe practices of diagnostics and holistic, therapeutic treatments. Osteopathy provides us with more options and more tools to help ourselves and help our bodies, often without conventional medicine.

When people realize the healing in our bodies occurs as a result of what we do and what we allow, where we are and where we go and who and what we surround ourselves with, we learn we have more control over our health and well being than we ever thought possible.

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