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Updated: Jun 7, 2022

If you have been diagnosed with terminal cancer, I’d like to ask for your help. I'd like to perform a diagnostic ultrasound on you. I'd like to see your cancer, the surrouding structures and vessels and learn more. There is no cost to you. There is no pain with these studies. The ultrasound energy is harmless and has even been shown to have healing properties.

I'm Karen Nussbaumer. The founder of The CURE Center for Ultrasound Research and Education,, founded in 2007, and ADOM, Academy of Diagnostic and Osteopathic Medicine,, founded in 2022. I have been a medical educator since 1999 when I opened the first specialized ultrasound school in the USA, Gulf Coast Institute of Vascular Ultrasound. I currently teach doctors at prestigious medical facilities the art of diagnostic ultrasound. I am an award winning medical researcher and medical author. I have published papers with prominent vascular and trauma surgeons when I was at Harvard/MGH as their Technical Manager of Ultrasound. Two of my research methods, The Nussbaumer Aneurysm Dilation Ratio (NADR) and the Fat Embolism Clinical Scoring Chart, have won awards with ultrasound societies. I was involved with developing a device that would act as the blood supply for a liver grown from pig liver cells. I helped NASA put an ultrasound machine on the space shuttle. Now, I am currently developing a device that helps prevent cancerous tumors from forming and prevents them from growing without harming organs. This is where I need your help.


In all my years of performing ultrasounds and teaching ultrasound, I've had a view of the body and the blood flow that most doctors and researchers don't get to see. I've been able to see everything inside the body and understand much of how it works. I have measured and studied blood flow hemodynamics and oncology for over two decades. I've come to some conclusions. One, the growth of tumors can be stopped and two, tumors can be prevented. I'd like to take what I have learned and build on it in order help medical "practice" become more medical "precision". I believe there are better ways and I like to try to demonstrate them.


I'd like to do an ultrasound on you to see how the cancer works in your body. I'd like to see the tumors and study them and assess the blood supply to them. I'd like to study the rate of growth of the tumors to learn more and to understand why we haven't figured this out yet. I have some thoughts. I'd like to study more and then share those thoughts and help people.

I believe that some tumors spread when we biopsy them because I have seen it with my own eyes. A co-worker with one tumor in her liver on one day spread to twenty tumors in her liver just hours after biopsy. A friend with one thyroid nodule ended up with dozens of nodules on her thyroid and neck and vocal cords just weeks after a biopsy and botched surgery.

I know that tumors can't survive without blood flow. I don't have to be a medical genius to know that. I'm sure there's lots of reasons why we aren't just blocking the blood flow to tumors more often, but I'd like to find out why. In a very short time, I will propose a new method for diagnosing and helping doctors to treat tumors, but I need more data.

Unfortunately, if you have advance cancer and your tumors have metastasized, there's not much that can be done to help you at this time. I'd like to change that. I'd like to be able to develop a method to have doctors all over the world be able to treat advanced metastatic disease and evenutally prevent it.


My father, Dr. Fridtjof Nussbaumer, practiced orthopedic surgery for over 30 years in Syracuse, New York. He worked the majority of his life helping to treat bone injuries and ended up dying from bone cancer.

When he was dying of metastatic bone cancer from his prostate, he demanded that I do an ultrasound on him. He insisted that I learn from him. Reluctantly, with a hospice nurse watching me, I did. I performed ultrasounds on his broken, cancer ridden bones and learned we can see bone cancer clearly on ultrasound. I performed ultrasounds on his superficial tumors that developed on his skull. I performed ultrasounds on shoulder and his rib, previously injured in his lifetime and also where the cancer stayed. I performed ultrasounds on his lymph nodes and learned visually what happens when nodes become cancerous. I performed ultrasounds on his abdominal organs. Every single organ was normal. He had a good liver. A good spleen. A good pancreas. Good kidneys. No cancer in them at all. I performed an ultrasound on his heart. His heart was fine. It was beating normally.

I asked myself, how does a man with tumors only in his bones die when all of his vital organs are working fine? The answer is painful. He didn't die of cancer. He died of pain. Bone pain, as he put it, is not a life worth living. The pain was so great, he told me he would rather die.

We tried to convince orthopedic surgeons to replace the femur that hurt him most, the crumbled bones just beneath his skin, with a simple steel rod. Despite their expertise replace complex hip and knee joints, they all declined because they were afraid it might hurt him and they would be sued. Isn't that interesting? A dying man wishing to have his cancerous bone removed to attempt to relieve his pain, and doctors refused because it hasn't been done before. This is one of the great mysteries of today's medicine. When a patient is doomed and there's no current method to help them, and they volunteer to help others with trial and error methods, it can't be done. Doctors are too afraid of liability to do things that haven't been done before. There should be a way to try new things and see if we can do better.

With the life ending bone pain that my father had, he was only able to tolerate his last days with high doses of morphine. These medicines, known to actually spread cancer cells, also caused him to have no appetite. Just the thought of eating or drinking made him sick. So, it wasn't really cancer that killed my father. It was pain that led to starvation.

When I asked the hospice nurse if she could start an IV to provide my father with hydration, she declined. Her reasoning? It would prolong life. The goal of hospice is not to prolong life. It is to expedite death. For me, having a few more weeks or a few more days or a few more hours or even just a few more moments, would have been worth it. But that would have been selfish because my father suffered so much.

I'd like to help reduce suffering by learning and then teaching. My father technically died from a stroke after his body was deprived of food and water for over two weeks. In his last moments, he insisted I learn from him. I did. What I'd like to do is honor him more by gathering more data and publishing it and then proposing how we make changes to reduce suffering. That's it. I have no ulterior motives. I just feel there are better ways. I know there are. I'd like to have the opportunity to demonstrate them.


If you are considering letting me do an ultrasound on you, please know that you will be helping people. I will do what I can to make sure that your contribution is used for the greatest good. I will do what I can to make sure that you are remembered. If we are lucky, I'll be able to help you in your lifetime. I will be grateful and I believe the world will be grateful.


My mission is to research, publish, educate and implement new methods to prevent cancerous tumors, cancer metastasis and to reduce cancer pain.

In order to learn how to prevent cancer from spreading, I have to continue to study its path and course from diagnosis to death. I know it is grim and I know it isn't easy, but I know it will be worth if we can work together so save people from suffering so greatly.

Will you help me and the rest of us to reduce the suffering from cancer metastasis for future generations? If you don't have cancer, but would like to contribute in other ways, I will gladly accept any help. This isn't an easy task, but I am determined to see this through.

Contact me, Karen Nussbaumer, ADOM Founder, at if you're interested in helping or would like more information. Thank you.

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