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Understanding the significance of the name ADOM is essential for our students, as it embodies the core values and cultural richness of our program, highlighting connections to grace, grounding, and the spirit of giving.

ADOM means grace, red earth, I give

Adom carries unique meanings across the world: in Ghana's Akan language, it stands for 'Help from God' or 'Grace'.

The meaning emphasizes divine assistance or favor, and it is used as both a given name and a term to reflect this spiritual concept. 


In Hebrew, it signifies 'red,' 'אָדוֹם' connecting to 'adamah,' the word for 'land', ground' or 'earth' 'אֲדָמָה.' This connection can be interpreted as 'red earth,' emphasizing the biblical creation of Adam from the soil in the Book of Genesis.


In Hungarian, 'adom' translates to 'I give' or 'to give.' These variations highlight the diverse cultural significance embedded in the name Adom, reminding us of our shared human experience of being connected to the earth, embracing the energy of giving and grace.

What ADOM really means to us is a fresh start - a new day - a new way - a new medicine. - Safer. Smarter. Precise.


There is belief that the biblical Adam represented a new beginning, we see our ADOM as a reset for modern medicine, offering a firm foundation of innovation, protection and healing.


We vow to resurrect the words of Hippocrates — "First, do no harm" — to eliminate the harmful, archaic, antiquated, and often barbaric medical practices in current medicine. We promise to instill a culture of empathy in all we do. We are committed to providing a safe haven, a sanctuary of kind, a fortress protecting our staff, students, and the patients they will serve.


We focus on protecting our patients' right to choose what happens to their own bodies - This is a new beginning.


We are starting over. Right now.  At ADOM we embrace this time to begin again.

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