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Institutional Review Board

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Welcome to the ADOM IRB page, where we are currently conducting gearing up to conduct two clinical trials aimed at advancing medical science and improving patient care.

I. "The Physiological Effects of Ketamine on Individuals with Alcohol Use Disorder," explores the potential therapeutic benefits and physiological impacts of ketamine in treating alcohol dependency. This study aims to uncover new treatment modalities that could enhance addiction therapy.

II. "Bone Cancer Induced by Chemotherapy and Radiation: Reconsidering the Metastasis Doctrine with the Nussbaumer Method." This research focuses on non-radiative diagnostic and non-toxic, non-radiative treatment options for cancer, challenging traditional methods and seeking safer, more effective strategies to combat disease.


Both trials reflect our commitment to pioneering research and our dedication to finding new, effective treatments for complex health conditions.

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