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The Art and Science of Diagnosis

ADOM's first graduating class will be the first diagnostologist graduates in history. Although "diagnostologist" isn't a widely recognized or standardized medical profession, the term refers to a healthcare professional specializing in non-radiative diagnostic tools and ultrasound procedures. This specialized role, pioneered by ADOM founder, reflects a significant advancement in diagnostic medical education. The emerging role of an ADOM diagnostologist focuses primarily on using these methods for rapid and accurate diagnosis of a patient's illness or condition.

The diagnostologist is poised to be a highly specialized healthcare professional, trained through ADOM’s Diagnostic Medical Sonography and Vascular Technology with Diagnostology program. Diagnostologists will work collaboratively with pathologists, hematologists, histologists, oncologists, radiologists, and interventionalists by providing expert diagnostic support during ultrasound-guided clinical procedures.

Diagnostologists will become experts in diagnostic medical ultrasound, skilled in all ultrasound diagnostic tools and technologies from basic ultrasound clinical procedures such as biopsy and aspiration to advanced procedures including Intravascular Ultrasound (IVUS), Intracardiac Echocardiography (ICE), and Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound (CEUS), with additional training in hematology and histology. Anchored in osteopathic principles, diagnostologists are committed to providing safe, non-radiative, same-day diagnostic care.

ADOM also emphasizes diagnostology to reduce radiation exposure in pediatrics and aims to increase the use of ultrasound, IVUS, ICE, and other non-radiative diagnostic tools in pediatric care, prioritizing their use over radiative methods like CT scans and fluoroscopy. In a healthcare landscape where medical errors significantly impact patient safety both in the United States and globally, ADOM recognizes the imperative to ensure that diagnostics are conducted with utmost efficiency, accuracy, and safety. The role of a diagnostologist is vital, serving as the foundation for effective treatment, management of medical conditions, and ultimately, the improvement of patient outcomes.


ADOM is dedicated to advancing diagnostology as a specialty that leads to same-day diagnosis. We are making significant strides towards this goal, ensuring that our educational efforts and clinical practices are aligned to provide quick, accurate, and safe diagnostic results. This initiative is pivotal in reducing the time between diagnosis and treatment, significantly improving patient outcomes and satisfaction.


A diagnostologist is a healthcare professional with extensive training in diagnostic procedures, particularly using non-radiative techniques. Here are some additional roles and responsibilities a diagnostologist might undertake:

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